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    Advantages of doing exercise for the senior adults
    For being healthy, physical activities and Exercising is the most important factor, regardless of the person’s age. It is more important for seniors as they suffer from different diseases at this age; physical exercise will reduce the chances of critical health issues. Professional in-home care and support professionals say that older seniors should do moderate strength training and exercise each week, but only one-third of the people meet this number. Muscle training and aerobics are the best exercises to stay independent and avoid any kind of health problem. We help them with evidence-based and fun training and Exercising programs to keep older adults fit and active. 
    Why should they exercise?
    Doing exercise regularly will help adults stay independent and will decrease many health problems which might be caused due to aging. A 30 min of moderate exercise four days a week will help them drastically. Two days or more than that of muscle-strengthening activities will work for all main muscle groups.

    How to start?
    Always start slowly and do beginner-level stretching and Exercising. The important key factor is to start slowly with your fitness level and gradually increase to become fit and decrease as many diseases. Our experts are professionally trained for doing exercise for older seniors. And we make sure that we do not over-exercise them, which might make them get injured at this age and they might quit exercise. For a gradual improvement, we take care of these points to make sure that nothing goes wrong. 
    • We always start with low-intensity workouts and then slowly increase them.
    • We make sure to warm them up before starting. 
    • Up the exercise and make them cool down after doing the workout.
    • We pay attention to our surroundings and ensure that nothing in the surroundings hurts us. 
    • Please give them a proper diet by which they feel energetic and healthy. 
    • Give them water before and after the workout session.
    • We make sure that they wear proper fitness clothes and shoes to avoid injury. 
    • We plan the exercise according to their strength level and age. And also, we have different plans if they are suffering from any kind of health issue. 

    Start by writing short-term fitness goals
    To make physical activity and exercise a regular part of your daily life, you have to start with the short-term goal, which further plays an important role in the future. So we give the older adults short goals which will motivate them to exercise regularly and make them interested in Exercising. We make a simple activity log in which they have to fill up how many physical activities they have done in the day. We have these short-term goals for our clients, giving them a checklist like:
    • You have to be more active today. 
    • Tomorrow they have to increase the number of activities they have done today. 
    • By the end of the week, they have a target to match, like doing 20 physical activities.
    Write down long-term goals
    After achieving short-term goals, we give them long-term goals as they are motivated to exercise and stay fit. And the long-term goals should be very personal and realistic to them, and it is different from making the older man 50 years ask him to do 50 pushes like a 25 years old man. We also design different activities to do with them to increase their stamina and potential to do more physical activities on their own. 
    Physical activity and regular Exercising will help senior adults stay healthy and avoid different diseases as much as possible. You provide the best home care professionals to take care of senior adults’ physical and mental health. 


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